What material is PEEK material?

PEEK material is polyether ether ketone material, which is a kind of super high temperature resistant special engineering material. Under normal circumstances, it can be used normally at a working temperature below 260 degrees, and the temperature can reach 300 degrees in a short time, while still maintaining excellent mechanical functions. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, high tensile strength, and good flame retardancy. PEEK material Rod Profile can be used to process various specifications of PEEK parts, and can manufacture high-demand mechanical parts, such as gears, bearings, valve seats, sealing rings, pump wear rings, gaskets, etc. Parts processed with PEEK materials are widely used in key connectors in aerospace, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
peek material
Polyether ether ketone is an engineering plastic with excellent performance. It has many outstanding performances with other materials. We also come into contact with more in life, because it has a unique high temperature resistance of 260 ℃, and it is also relatively stable. Among them are:
1. The shrinkage rate of the material injected with PEEK raw materials is relatively small, which helps us to have a more precise control of the size of the finished material, and the accuracy will be more accurate than other materials.
2. The stability of PEEK material is high. We are required to be more stable when using engineering plastic products. We are mainly polymer molecules. After the activation performance is improved, it is caused by the curling of the chain segment. It is still used in our lives. Quite a lot.
3. PEEK has strong heat-resistant hydrolysis performance, which makes us have low water absorption under high temperature and high humidity environment, so it is quite stable during use.
4. PEEK is self-extinguishing, so that it can reach UL standard 94V-0 without adding any flame retardant.