SWP series 200PVC pipe crusher is also called pipe profile crusher. For the first time, this equipment uses a reinforced main shaft and a crushing chamber, and the feed port is made of carbon steel welding, which can crush longer PVC pipes. This machine is a special heavy-duty plastic crusher,

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PVC pipe crusher, PVC pipe profile crushing machine

Features of crusher:

1. The high-speed PVC pipe crusher is mainly used for PVC pipes, profiles, plates, etc. The waste can be directly used for regeneration extrusion, which greatly improves the utilization rate of plastics.

2. The equipment adopts a new type of sealing oil seal, which can play a certain protective role while being broken.

3. The rotating diameter of the main shaft is large, the crushing effect is good, and it can also have a good crushing efficiency for harder pipes.

4. The crusher blades can be removed for repeated sharpening, and can be used after adjusting the spacing.

The SWP series crusher has a variety of specifications to choose from. It has a good crushing effect on pipes of 320mm and below. For large diameter pipes, you can use KRS pipe shredder (0.5-1T/h) or WGP pipe crusher ( 8-15T/h)