SJSZ80/156 Double Screw Extruder PVC Pellet Making Machine is suitable for cutting PVC wire and pipe material, with low cost low power consumption and high output.

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Double Screw Extruder PVC Hot Cut Pellet Making Machine is mainly suitable for the granulation of PVC powder with wood powder or filler. It is integrated by a plastic extruder, a screen changer, a grinding surface eagerly cutting head, and an air conveying and collecting device.

The PVC Air Cooled Hot Cutting Granulator is sturdy and durable, with good stability and high technical content. The plastic particles produced are uniform, dense and beautiful. The hot-cutting air-cooled granulator is usually used for processing plastic recycling with a short cooling time. Granule molding, the most common plastic varieties such as PVC, HDPE, and adding calcium powder for filling modification granulation, etc., the particles produced are round cakes, full body shape and no pores, downstream plastic manufacturers do not need to dry the particles when using them Ready to use.