Efficient, dust-free and environmentally friendly chemical plastic mixing equipment

Equipment introduction:
The SRL-Z vertical high-speed mixing unit has gradually replaced the low-speed mixer and is widely used in the production of various plastic industries. The SRL-Z high-speed mixing unit produced by zhangjiagang prowell technology is mainly used for the mixing and coloring of polyvinyl chloride resin, the coloring and drying of polyethylene and polypropylene particles, and the drying and drying of hygroscopic resins such as ABS polycarbonate before molding and processing. Mixing and other processes. It is one of the necessary equipment for plastic processing plants. Because of its fast mixing speed, uniform materials, good resin acceptability for extenders, convenient mechanical structure, easy cleaning, perseverance and durability, compact structure, etc.
Simply speaking, the function of the mixer is to mix materials, mainly under the action of external force, various materials are mixed with each other, so that the proportion of each component in each small volume in the material pile is consistent. According to different external forces, the mixing mechanism of the mixer is mainly divided into convection mixing, diffusion mixing and shear mixing.

① Flow mixing: Due to the relative movement of the material on the surface of the working parts of the mixer, all particles flow relative to each other from one place to another in the mixer, and the position shifts. The overall flow is called convective mixing, also called volume mixing. .
②Diffusion and mixing: The irregular movement of the particles of the mixer material to the surroundings with a single particle as a unit is called diffusion and mixing.
③Shear mixing: Because the particles in the material group form the sliding and collision effects of the shear surface between each other, it causes local mixing, which is called shear mixing.

No matter what kind of mixer is used, the above three mixing methods always exist at the same time, but due to the different types of mixers, the strength of the mixing effect of the three mixing methods is also different.