FRP Rebar production equipment

1. Description of anchor rod forming machine:FRP Rebar production equipment structure of the double-rod bolt forming machine consists of creel, dipping, winding forming, heating and curing, gradient cooling, traction, cutting and other parts. It can produce double-bolt bodies at the same time, and has the function of coating. The production speed of double-bolt bodies is about 3 meters/min.

2. SpecificationsThe non-metallic full-thread bolt equipment is divided into the following parts: yarn feeder, dipping and winding forming, heating and curing, cooling and cooling, traction mechanism, cutting mechanism and power distribution control cabinet. The weight of the whole machine is about 4 tons.

3. Main technical performanceProduce a full range of full-screw FRP bolts, the diameter of the bolts produced: φ16, φ18, φ20, φ22, φ24. mm The length of the produced bolts: continuous production, and the length is intercepted on demand;5. Main technical performance

1. Production process: the full-threaded glass fiber reinforced plastic rod body is formed at one time;

2. Production speed: ≥3 meters per minute;4. Rod torque: greater than 45-80 (according to the diameter of the rod, the torque increases);

3. Tensile strength: (depending on the diameter of the rod, its tail bears) greater than 6-9 tons (according to the diameter of the rod, the bearing capacity increases); 

4. The operation is simple, and the equipment is easy to control;

5. Saving materials and low production costs;

6. The company provides free equipment installation and commissioning, production technical training,

7. Mature production technology, scientific and reasonable formula, and supply of production materials, so that customers have no worries.