Fully threaded fiberglass rebar rod Making Line

1. Introduction of FRP anchor rod forming machineThe FRP anchor rod forming machine is a new type of equipment for producing FRP anchor rods, which can process different types of anchor rods. The full-threaded FRP anchor rod forming machine is mainly composed of extrusion system, preforming system, winding system, baking box, hydraulic Traction, electrical control system, automatic cutting and other systems.
2. The specific forming process of FRP anchor rodThe glass fiber yarn placed on the creel passes through the silk board and is sent to the dipping tank due to the function of the tail traction system. There is resin in the feeding tank. The glass fiber yarn is filled with resin in the feeding tank, and then passes through The preforming system is assembled into a bundle, heated and melted by a heater in the mold, and extruded by a hydraulic system. After passing through the winding system, it becomes a full-threaded glass fiber plastic rod body (at the front end of the feed tank, preforming system, and winding system) There is a silicone sheet to ensure that the rod body is smooth and free of bubbles) and then enter the drying system for curing. After the cutting component, the rod body is cut to the required length, and is inspected by the quality controller before being put into storage.
3. The operating conditions of the FRP anchor rod forming machineThe working environment of the FRP bolt forming machine is: working temperature 15-30℃, working humidity 20-80
4. The significance of the FRP anchor rod forming machineThe successful development of the FRP bolt forming machine is the preferred choice for the production of FRP bolt series products in the mining industry and related industries. At present, the machine has been used in many mining bureaus in China and has created excellent economic benefits.
5. Production process of FRP anchor rodThe new equipment adopts five new technologies including rod secondary molding, infrared heating, cutting and dust removal, pneumatic reloading, and porcelain eye grease filtering. Among them, secondary molding increases the strength of the rod body, and infrared heating completely solves the problem of incomplete thermal melting. This new type of FRP bolt production line fully meets the needs of production mine support, realizes the production of qualified products that meet the standards of the Coal Safety Center according to the order plan, greatly improves the level of automation and yield, reduces labor intensity, saves costs, and realizes Increase production and efficiency.

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