How to clean the pipe production line in winter?

Many types of plastic pipes are widely used in the transportation of various liquids and gases. The plastic pipe equipment used to produce these pipes is also valued by manufacturers, and manufacturers should also do a good job of cleaning the pipe production line in winter.

The temperature in winter is low, even the temperature in the production workshop is unlikely to be very high, so when the manufacturer cleans the pipe production line, first cut off all power in advance, wipe the dust and grease on the surface of the equipment with warm water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Prevent rusting of the equipment surface of the metal structure.When the manufacturer is cleaning, pay attention to the cleanness of the internal parts of the pipe production line. Since the operation of the equipment requires electricity and lubricating oil, the manufacturer must pay attention to the grease in these parts when cleaning the parts in winter to avoid too much grease accumulation on the parts, which affects the operation of the parts.To clean the pipe production line in winter, there is another important cleaning part, the inlet and outlet on the equipment. These two parts are prone to accumulate a large amount of raw materials and waste, which affects heat dissipation, and also affects production and production. Therefore, cleaning in winter Focus on the cleanliness of these two parts.