In-depth analysis of the difference between a single shaft shredder and a double shaft shredder

1. The difference between the cutter of the single-shaft shredder equipment and the double-shaft

The single-shaft shredder is equipped with only one moving shaft, and the blades are installed on this shaft to form a mutual shearing form with the fixed knife on the box body. The main shaft is driven by the motor and the reducer, and the material is driven by the spiral blade to enter the gap between the movable knife and the static knife. Because the blade is spiral, the material will be squeezed, torn and sheared at the same time, so that the material can enter the equipment well and complete the work smoothly.

The moving shaft of the double-shaft shredder becomes two, both of which are inlaid with blades. The two shafts rotate relative to each other, and the operation of the material is similar to that of a single-shaft shredder.

2. The working principle of single shaft shredder is different from that of double shaft

The working principle of the single-shaft shredder equipment is to drive the protruding knife on the shaft to cut off the material to achieve a crushing effect through the rotation of the single shaft, which is equivalent to gnawing the material bit by bit to achieve the crushing effect. purpose.

The dual-shaft shredder uses the speed difference between the two rotating shafts to produce tearing effect. The knife shaft has a slow speed, large torque, and high shredding efficiency. It is suitable for household waste, industrial waste, electronic waste, biomass, and kitchen waste. , Medical waste, broken wood, garbage and other materials.

3. The difference in energy consumption and energy utilization

In terms of energy consumption and energy efficiency of double-shaft shredder and single-shaft shredder, the energy consumption of single-shaft is higher, and the energy consumption of double-shaft is lower. The shredder blade is driven by a click belt and then passes through a reducer The blade slows down, the torque is large, and the shredding ability is strong.

In general, the applicability of the double-shaft shredder is stronger, so the use of the double-shaft shredder is more. The single-shaft shredder has a certain amount of use in the recycling of waste plastic pipes, rear wall PE pipes, and waste block plastic recycling. As far as the size of the crushing is concerned, the single-shaft shredder will produce smaller pieces, while the double-shaft shredder will produce larger pieces.

In general, the scale of use of double-shaft shredders is becoming more and more extensive, but single-shaft shredders are more targeted and can be said to have their own strengths. When purchasing, users must think and understand not to blindly lose their choice. .