Medical PVC granulation high-speed mixer-how to choose the mixing unit

Medical PVC pellets: mainly three types: drip hopper, catheter and infusion film bag
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This kind of pellets is used in the medical industry, and the requirements for pellets are relatively high. In the production of medical PVC pellets, a high-speed mixer or mixing unit is required in the early stage to combine PVC (soft PVC), dioctyl resin, DOP, and stable After mixing the ingredients (calcium-zinc heat stabilizer), lubricants, etc. according to the hardness requirements of the pellets, they should be thoroughly mixed.
There are several points to consider during the use of the medical PVC high-speed mixer or medical PVC mixing unit
1. The angle of the deflector of the high-speed mixer. The angle of the deflector determines the flow direction of the material when the high-speed mixer is running. The unsuitable angle of the deflector can easily cause: poor mixing uniformity, long mixing time, and mixing current Major status

2. The discharge port of the high-speed mixer is sealed. After the discharge port of the traditional high-speed mixer is discharged, the discharge port is not tightly closed due to material accumulation. The raw powder is leaked, and the raw powder is mixed in the mixed material. The reaction after granulation is not very obvious, but the crystal point is particularly obvious after drawing the tube.

3. When the mixture material of the high-speed mixer reaches 105-110°, due to the chemical reaction of the mixture material, the current will have a significant increase period. This requires a reliable choice for the selection of the motor of the high-speed mixer.
4. The mixed materials should be fluffy and form a mass after being held by hand.
Commonly used medical PVC granulation high-speed mixer models are: SHR300A, SHR500A, SHR800A, SHR1000A

Commonly used medical PVC granulation high-speed mixing unit models are: SRL-Z300/600A, SRL-Z500/1000A, SRL-Z800/2500W, SRL-Z1000/3500W