The new high-speed mixer purchased by the user has just been put into use after installation according to the design drawings. Because the internal parts of the new machine have the original roughness after surface processing, there are few contact points with the raw material, that is, the actual material The contact area is very small, and "effective contact" can only be produced when a certain load is reached. The wear speed, wear amount and wear time depend on the roughness of the configuration parts processing, running-in load, running-in oil, etc.
When the original roughness of the machine parts is gradually smoothed, which is commonly referred to as "running-in" or "running-in", the contact area with the processed material gradually increases to balance the roughness and achieve elastic contact, and the wear rate gradually decreases. Slowly and enter the stable wear stage.
Hot air circulation oven manufacturers introduced that the running-in wear stage generally occurs during the assembly and commissioning process of the manufacture or repair of the high-speed mixer, or the early stage of the trial period when the high-speed mixer material is put into processing. In this process, new users only need to take corrective measures according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The running-in specification of the high-speed mixer will obtain a good running-in effect such as the premix machinery, and the subsequent stirring and mixing process of the machine can be carried out smoothly. The test machine experiment shows that once the high-speed mixer passes the running-in period, its mixing effect and processing efficiency will be greatly improved. Be improved. Shengde Machinery is a professional manufacturer of high-speed mixers, plastic high-speed mixers, PVC high-speed mixers, and high-speed mixing units.