Vacuum feeder, also known as vacuum conveyor, is a kind of dust-free airtight pipeline conveying equipment that conveys granular and powdery materials by means of vacuum suction. The air pressure difference between vacuum and environmental space is used to form gas flow in the pipeline and drive powder. The material moves to complete the powder transportation.

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product composition:

The vacuum feeder is composed of vacuum pump (no oil, no water), membrane filter bag filter, compressed air blowback device, pneumatic discharge door device, vacuum hopper, stainless steel adjustable suction gun, delivery hose and other components.


Product Features:

The whole machine is powered by a whirlpool air pump, which is oil-free, water-free and maintenance-free.

The entire conveying process is completed in a completely sealed state, eliminating dust pollution.

Low energy consumption, low noise, and convenient control.

The M-2000 series vacuum powder feeding machine is suitable for materials with a false specific gravity of 0.5 grams per cubic centimeter and above 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter, non-sticky, and powder-grain impregnated materials. It can feed about 5000KG per hour. Equipment can be customized according to customer conditions

It can be equipped with a weighing device, combined with control software, to intelligently control the feeding amount and feeding sequence.

The machine uses high-pressure air to blow back, which can instantly shake off the powder, so that it maintains a good effect, easy to clean, no mechanical dead ends, and quick material change.

The body is simple, does not occupy space, and is easy to move.

Maximum static pressure  kpa3049100
Work pressure   kpa<20<34<70
Maximum air volume   m3/h300270350
Motor Power   kw35.57.5
Diameter of suction pipe   mm506375
Conveying capacity  kg/h50010001500-2000