This machine adopts the principle of vacuum airflow and stainless steel combined structure. Built-in pulse blowback device, high material separation rate, can automatically control the conveying and feeding of various powder materials. It is suitable for directly supporting injection molding machines, extruders and high-speed mixers with high height, long distance and large loading capacity.

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Vacuum feeder suction machine powder feeder is used for plastic extrusion, injection molding, rubber, chemical, food, medicine, non-metallic mineral powder activation and other industries of powder and pellet feeding, especially for the density of 2.5 -0.5 powder feeding has a unique effect.

working principle:

In this machine, the air in the machine body is drawn out by the centrifuge to realize the air pressure drop in the conveying pipeline, the material is sucked in by the suction gun, and the material is sucked into the feeding machine body through the conveying pipe, and the gas and material separation is realized in the machine body. The materials in the machine body are discharged through the discharge pneumatic butterfly valve, and the discharge time can be set arbitrarily. After discharging, the butterfly valve is automatically closed, and the next feeding cycle is carried out.