GS large-scale powerful heavy-duty plastic crusher series After years of research and development by our company, the machine has been comprehensively improved and can solve almost all problems in plastic crushing.

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The shells of the GS large-scale powerful heavy-duty plastic crusher are made of solid welded steel structure, which has a wide range of versatility. At the same time, the detachable deflection wedge added to this model can meet the demanding requirements.

GS large-scale powerful heavy-duty plastic crusher can crush waste products produced in the injection molding process, as well as gates, pipes, profiles, sheets, films and large pieces of nozzle materials.

GS Large Plastic Heavy Type PET Barrel Chair Crushing Machine has many advantages such as economy, durability, easy cleaning, and long service life. At the same time, it can also provide a series of auxiliary equipment, such as blowers, suction units, conveyor belts, etc.

1. Main crushing chamber: It is processed, finely ground, and assembled with a high-hardness steel template (thickness: 30mm). It has the characteristics of large thickness, high strength, strong wear resistance, no pollution and long service life. The assembled crushing bin is very convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance.

2. The main shaft is made of special materials, with dynamic and static balance, has the characteristics of good toughness, not easy to deform during work, and stable working state. The rotary knife adopts the "V"-shaped installation method, so that the rotary knife cuts evenly during the whole work, reduces energy consumption, reduces noise, and it is very convenient to install, unload and maintain the blade.

3. The screen mesh (mesh plate) material is processed from high-strength materials. The screen plate has high strength and long service life. It is easy to install and replace the screen, and there are many screens with different meshes for customers to choose.