Spring feeder, conveyor, elevator, automatic feeder, can be used with various specifications of extruders, mixers, storage tanks, etc., so that plastic powder and particles are automatically fed from the storage box into the hopper, And the feeding cycle is controlled by the material level device to realize feeding automation, which has the advantages of stable performance, labor saving, safety and reliability.

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The spring feeder is mainly used for the feeding of various plastic powders, particles and powder-grain mixtures. It is used in conjunction with extruders and injection molding machines. It can also be used for conveying flour, talcum powder and other powder materials. It has operation Convenience, stable performance, large conveying capacity, long service life and other advantages.

 Tech Details

Conveying capacity kg/h300450700
Rated speed   r/min9109101440
Feeding spring diameter   mm36x645x859x8
Conveying distance  m346.5
Hopper volume  L150200200
Storage tank volume  L200300300
Motor Power kw1.11.11.5
Dimensions  mm850x620x740905x655x840950x950x960
Weight kg120150250