PVC Conduit threading pipe production line has one product and two models, and the diameter of PVC-U threading pipe is 16mm-40mm and 16mm-63mm. 16mm-40mm series: The main machine adopts 51/105 conical twin-screw extruder, and the daily output is about 2 tons 16mm-63mm series: The main machine adopts 65/132 conical twin-screw extruder, with a daily output of about 4 tons

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Comparison of two one-out two-pipe production lines and one-out four-pipe production lines:

1. Production range: One production line with four production lines mainly produces φ16-φ32 mm threading pipes that are popular in the market and have a large amount. And one production line with two production lines can produce several larger models of 16-63mm

2. Total installed power: The installed power of the two production lines is similar when the output is similar.

3. Production capacity: On the premise of maintaining the product quality of the one-out two-pipe production line, the output and efficiency of the one-out four-pipe production line have increased by 60%.

4. Floor area: The floor area of the two production lines is basically the same.

5. Staffing: 2 basic operators for both production lines

6. Power loss: The one-out four-pipe production line is basically the same as the one-out two-pipe production line.

7. Total noise: After the two production lines are started normally, there is basically no noise.

8. The experience of the production line is summarized by customer feedback: one out of four is easier to operate than one out of two, and the product quality is more stable than one out of two.