The PVC (Φ50-Φ160mm) pipe production line is composed of SJSZ65/132 extruder, extrusion die, vacuum sizing device, tractor, ring cutter, and flaring machine. The material of the product is PVC, and the best pipe diameter range is Φ50-Φ160mm.

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The electrical accessories feeding frequency converters are all ABB frequency converters, and the temperature control meter is Omron temperature control instrument. High degree of automation and simple operation.



1. PVC pipe extrusion machine equipped with corresponding molds can produce plastic PVC pipes with various diameters and thicknesses, such as PVC threading pipes, water supply and drainage pipes, silencer drainage pipes, and communication porous pipes.

2. The barrel body of the vacuum shaping box of this production line is made of stainless steel, divided into two sections, the water level adjustment adopts stainless steel floating ball, the structure is simple and practical.

3. There is an automatic fault alarm device, which is convenient for maintenance and has a long service life.