FRP Rebar Making Machine is an equipment specialized in producing glass fiber reinforced ribs. The GFRP Rebar Pultrusion Machine produced by us is popular all over the world with its strong performance and product strength.

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GFRP Composite Rebar Crawler Type Pultrusion Machine/FRP Fiberglass Rebar Making Machine


   GFRP  Rebar Making Machine                             
  1Haul off WayRubber Block/Belt
  2Motor 2.2KW*2
  3Speed modeFrequency/Servo Control
  4Transfer methodSprocket drive
  5Production Speed0.5 ~ 2m/mim
  6Clamping methodpneumatic
  7Applicable ProductsFrp Screw Rod/Glass fiber reinforced ribs
  8 Oven power16kw
  9Winding speed0-285rpm
  10Production diameter6-36mm
  11Total power35kw
  12Installation size30000*1600*1000

  Because this equipment is a customized product, the above parameters are for reference only, please contact us if you need precise details

This FRP Rebar Pultrusion Making Machine equipment is a special machine for producing glass fiber reinforced materials. It is mainly made of fiber materials as reinforcement materials, resin as the body, adding a certain amount of additives, and drying and curing fiber products at a certain temperature.

1. The FRP Rebar Making Equipment is composed of creel, dipping device, winding device, heating device, traction device, cutting device, electric cabinet and pneumatic system.

2. The winding device adopts flexible winding wire, which will not cut the surface fiber structure.

The 3 yarn content can reach 80%, which greatly improves the mechanical properties of the rod body and reduces the product cost.

4. Automatic cutting, automatic unloading, saving a lot of labor costs.

5. It has a pre-heating function, which improves the curing effect and can smoothly produce rods with a diameter of 25mm or more.

6. The degree of automation is extremely high. The material trough, the pressure rod, the winding, the drying tunnel, and the traction are pneumatically controlled. All operations can be completed by operating the buttons on the electric cabinet.

9. The dust collector protects the environment and the health of the operator.

10. It adopts a closed type, beautiful and generous, has a heat preservation effect, and does not affect the operation.