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The application field of laboratory mixer is chemical industry. The material type is powdery and granular materials. The applicable material is dry powder. The power type is electric. The working mode is a high-speed mixer. The cylinder movement mode is two-dimensional, and the structure is a cylinder. 

Equipment advantages:

1. Beautiful appearance and simple operation;

2. The contactor adopts the product of South Korea's LG company, which is durable;

3. Specially heat-treated stainless steel blades have longer service life;

4. The main shaft of the high-speed mixer adopts a patented sealing structure to ensure that there is no leakage during use;

5. Optional discharge port gas cleaning device;

6. Optional frequency conversion speed regulation to protect the motor and power supply circuit, while saving 20-30% of power;

Technical parameters of SHR series laboratory high-speed mixer

Model Name

Total volume


Effective volume


Motor Power


Spindle speed


heating method
Unloading method
SHR-5A Laboratory High Speed Mixer
5331500Electric heating/self-friction
SHR-10A Laboratory High Speed Mixer
10731500Electric heating/self-friction
SHR-25A Laboratory High Speed Mixer
25173/5.51500Electric heating/self-friction
SHR-50A Laboratory High Speed Mixer
50357/111500Electric heating/self-friction