This High Speed Mixer machine series has the advantages of stable and reliable quality, sturdiness and durability, convenient operation, reasonable structure, etc., which can meet the requirements of plastic production technology and is an ideal equipment for various plastic products industries.

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This unit consists of seven parts: frame, transmission, pot body, lifting, discharge port and electric control box. The whole machine adopts a closed structure, which is reasonable and beautiful.

   The pot body is made of stainless steel, the inner surface is very smooth and hard, with the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-sticky materials. The pot body of the mixer has a heating jacket and a resistance heating ring. The temperature is transmitted to the pot body through the high ignition point heat conduction oil in the heating jacket, so that the pot body is evenly heated, and the temperature of the material in the pot can be controlled by adjusting the temperature. There is an asbestos insulation layer outside the jacket.

   The lid of this series of mixers is cast from aluminum alloy. The inner surface is polished by fine turning. After it is lifted from the cylinder, it can rotate in the vertical direction and rotate horizontally clockwise (rotation at 70°C). The cover has holes for adding resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, and vents. Users can According to self-arrangement. Do not use excessive force when turning the lid to prevent damage to the pot wall. In order to prevent personal accidents caused by the failure of the lid of the pot and the rotation of the stirring blade, a motor protection is specially set up.

   High Speed Hot Mixer PVC Mixing System baffle is used to enhance the mixing effect. The deflector has an approximately streamlined surface. The deflector affects the circulation of the material, and its advantageous position depends on the material to be mixed. The angle of the deflector in the pot body can be adjusted freely and vertically, and the external clamping device can fix the angle of the deflector.

Vertical type:

Total volume100/200200/500300/600500/1000800/1600
Effective volume75/160150/320225/400375/650600/1050
Blade rotation speed650/130/180475/950/130475/950/60430/860/60370/740/50
Heat-cooling methodElectric/self-friction/water cooling
Mixing time6-106-106-106-108-12
Motor power14/22/7.530/42/7.540/55/1155/75/11110/30

Horizontal type:

Total volume500/1600800/2000800/25001600/4000
Effective volume330/1000560/1400600/15001120/2700
Blade rotation speed430/860/70330/660/55330/660/60350/700/65
Heating/cooling mannerSelf-friction/water cooling
Mixed time(min)8-128-128-128-12