The SRL-Z series high-speed mixing unit is a combination of hot mixing and cold mixing processes. It is mainly suitable for mixing, mixing, coloring, drying and ABS poly Processes such as drying and devolatilization of engineering plastics such as carbonate before molding can also be used for the mixing of phenolic resins.

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Structure description of high-speed mixing unit:

          The hot mixing part is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, a transmission part, a base, a discharge port and other parts. The pot body is welded by stainless steel, and the inner surface is extremely smooth and hard. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and not easy to stick. The outside of the pot shows a heating jacket and a resistance heating ring. The temperature is transmitted to the pot body through the high ignition point mechanical oil in the heating jacket, so that the pot body is evenly heated. The temperature of the material in the pot can be controlled by adjusting the heating temperature. There is an asbestos insulation layer outside the jacket.

          The lid is made of aluminum alloy, and the inside shows that it has been refined and polished. After being lifted up by the cylinder lifting lid, it can rotate horizontally and clockwise at 70°C along the vertical axis of rotation. It rotates briskly and is easy to use. Do not use excessive force when rotating to prevent damage to the pot wall. The lid has holes for adding resin, speed-increasing agent, and stabilizer. Users can arrange them according to their needs. The center is a vent hole to prevent personal accidents caused by the rotation of the stirring blade when the lid is not properly covered. The lid valve and motor The work is interlocked. When the lid valve is working, the switch is not turned on and the motor cannot be started. When the motor is working, the lid valve cannot be opened.

          The baffle is used to enhance the mixing effect. The board is equipped with a temperature measuring thermocouple, the material temperature can be reflected on the indicator and read out, and it is used to automatically control the automatic discharge of the discharge port.

          The mixing paddle of the mixer is driven by the motor through the skin belt. The motor is an AC two-speed motor. As long as the low and high speed buttons are pressed, low and high speeds can be achieved. However, it must be noted that when high-speed operation is desired, the motor should be started at low speed first, and then the spindle should be driven by the bearing to rotate at high speed. There are three stirring paddles on the upper part of the main shaft, which rotate clockwise to make the material move along the wall of the pot, and at the same time, it circulates up and down and acts as a deflector to make the mixing effect better. Because the material moves at a high speed, the frictional heat between the material particles and between the material and the slurry is very large, which makes the material temperature rise rapidly. It not only reduces the heating amount of the pot wall, but also facilitates the absorption effect of the resin on the speed-increasing agent. The stirring paddle is made of stainless steel and has been carefully machined to wear and corrosion.

          The cold mixing part is composed of pot cover, pot body, transmission, base discharging, and electric control. The pot cover can rotate in the horizontal direction and is equipped with a safety protection device. When the pot cover is not tightly closed, the switch part is turned on and the motor It does not start to prevent personal accidents caused by the rotation of the stirring paddle when the lid is not properly closed. The lid is provided with a feeding hole to allow the hot mixed materials to be poured.

          The pot body is welded by stainless steel, the inner wall is extremely smooth and hard, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non-sticking. The pot wall is equipped with a cooling jacket, and the cooling effect is achieved through the water cooling cycle.

          The transmission part is driven by the starter motor through the V-belt wheel to drive the reducer to input power to the main shaft to rotate the mixing paddle to cool and mix the hot mixed materials.

          The base is welded by steel plate and angle steel. It is equipped with adjusting bolts to adjust the tightness of the transmission V-belt. The bottom is equipped with anchor bolts to fix the base.

          The discharge part is made of aluminum alloy casting. Equipped with a start unloading door. The cylinder and the material door are directly connected in one line, with reliable compression, good sealing, flexible opening and closing, using a 0.39-0.49Mpa air compressor (optional by the user), and the unloading method can be automatically controlled by the temperature of the material in the pot Control the opening and closing of the unloading door in two ways: and manually with a button.

Total volume (L)100/200200/500300/600500/1250800/1600
Effective capacity (L)65/130150/320225/380330/750600/1050
Stirring speed (RPM)650/1300/200475/950/130475/950/100430/860/70370/740/50
Mixing time (Min.)8-128-128-128-128-12
Motor power (KW)14/22/7.530/42/1140/55/1155/75/1583/110/22
Overall dimension(mm)1950*1600*18004580*2240*24704800*2640*24805600*3000*31005170*3200*4480