High-speed mixer is mainly used for uniform mixing of polyvinyl chloride, rubber resin and other materials, coloring of polypropylene and polyvinyl pellets, drying before hygroscopic resin products and desulfurization of reclaimed rubber. Mixing of various materials such as asbestos products, electric carbon industry, amino powder, fire extinguishing agent, paint, pharmacy, coal powder mixed processing, daily chemical industry and so on.

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The heat source of the high-speed mixer obtains heat from steam, electric heating and self-friction heat generation of the mixture material, so that the material mixing maintains the advantages of good uniformity and high dispersion. It is a new type of equipment with a wide range of uses.

The main structure

The high-speed mixer is a vertical mixer, which has the advantages of simple structure, compactness, small footprint, and low power consumption.

 This machine is mainly composed of a seat part, a mixing container part, a transmission part and a heating part.

Run operation

The high-speed mixer must have a dedicated person responsible for startup and operation, and operate strictly in accordance with the operating regulations.