High Speed Mixing Machine is suitable for the mixing, coloring and drying of powder and granular materials in plastics, rubber, chemical, food and other industries. It is typically used in the preparation of PVC dry blends, plastic filling modification, initial mixing before extruder granulation, and multi-component mixing before wood-plastic production.

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Composition of automatic batching system:

1) Control part: The upper computer adopts industrial control microcomputer, with Mitsubishi or Siemens series PLC communication module and switch input and output module, as well as manual/automatic control switch, manual control button and indicator light, etc. are all installed in the integrated control Easy to operate in the cabinet;

2) Software part: Customized according to the basic requirements of the batching system and the actual needs of users;

3) Weighing part: using high-precision weighing module combined with weighing control instrument combination;

4) Feeding part: It adopts pneumatic valve control and screw frequency conversion for feeding and discharging control;

5) Mixing mixer part: configure related mixer equipment according to material mixing and customer requirements;

6) Screw conveyor part: adopt screw feeding method or pneumatic method to be responsible for feeding the material to the designated position

Scope of use

This machine is mainly suitable for various industries such as plastics, rubber, food, chemical industry, building materials, lithium battery, etc., to weigh and mix small particles and powdery materials according to predetermined proportions.